Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Moving To Vista? And What About Passwords?

So, you’ve just bought a new DVD with unusual box form with Vista installation on it? My congratulations! But hold a second you happy Vista owner, I want to ask yourself something: Do you remember all the passwords you’ve used in XP? Yes I mean passwords for the or Outlook Express, passwords to dozens of websites you’ve stored in Internet Explorer... Yeah man I don’t remember all of them too. But, here’s an utility that will bring all your passwords back – ABF Password Recovery.

What’s Inside?
The program is simple as it has to be. Run it, click on the icon of the program you’d like to recover the password and that’s all.
Some useful features:

  • Recovers passwords for the numerous popular programs like Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Unique tools like password picker and hidden passwords
  • Customizable interface with Multilanguage support.
  • Detailed help manual

Don’t Tell Anybody

The last thing I’d like tell you… But please don’t tell anybody. Trial version of ABF Password Recovery reveals only first 3 digits of your password, BUT! If it’s not some random generated password, you will remember it easily. And you will not have to pay for the full version!

ABF Password recovery homepage.


Ivan Gerasymchuk said...

I like new Windows Vista . Thanks for your great tools. I use it few times and
recover all my passwords easily. Good work guys from ABF Software!

KARPOLAN said...

Thank you for this note. I'm planning move to Vista this summer, your information will save lots of my time :)

Alexander Vihtyuk said...

I have used Windows Vista - so improvements... And security alarms!


Marco Barulli said...

taking control of your password is always a good thing. I have reviewed a couple of tools to extract passwords from your browsers:

Quick guide to exporting passwords from your browser

I’m of course advocating the use of online password managers, and I’m badly biased since I'm the co-founder of Clipperz ...


Alex said...

There are many tools for solving like problem. But one of the best in this sphere would become the next program. It helped me some time ago and showed many good facilities, besides it was able to help with any difficult condition - pst password recovery software.