Sunday, July 19, 2009

Recover Deleted Files and Folders in a Snap!

Files and folders, once deleted in Windows, still exist somewhere on the disk. Information is not being wiped out by system; instead, disk space occupied by deleted files and folders is declared as available. A slim period of time exists when it is possible to recover deleted files and folders by pretending they were never deleted. But don't try it without proper tools as you can only make it worse!

A variety of undelete, unerase, and data recovery tools exist on the market, advertising complete recovery of deleted files. Not all of them are created equal. Some of the tools are trying to recover deleted documents by simply marking that space on the hard disk as taken by such-and-such files; this is wrong! Attempting to fool Windows by pretending the delete never occurred can cause all sorts of trouble from corrupted documents to broken file systems, leading to system instability and inaccessible disks. Unfortunately, the majority of affordable unerasing tools on the market can only work this way.

A different approach is employed by modern data recovery tools such as Data Cure. While still quite inexpensive and easily affordable to home users and small offices, this file recovery program never attempts to trick Windows into believing the file was never deleted. Instead, the data recovery tool thoroughly scans the entire hard disk in order to locate the exact size and location of every recoverable file on the disk, and restores files and folders by saving them onto a different media. Different media is an important keyword; it is essential not to write anything onto the disk containing missing information. Otherwise, one will take the risk of overwriting the contents of precisely the files being recovered by using the currently available disk space that was previously occupied by deleted files!

Data Cure can store files and folders being recovered onto a different hard drive, burn them to CDs, DVDs, or BluRay discs, store them onto a network disk, or even upload over FTP.

Is Data Cure any more complicated than simple undelete tools? Not at all! In fact, it's even simpler to use than any other data recovery solution on the market. Designed with an average computer user in mind, software features an easy, step-by-step user interface that only asks two things: where the deleted files and folders were, and where to put their recovered copies. It's just that simple! No need to learn about file systems, partition tables or sectors; a computer program is more likely to know all about them than you are!

Not sure whether a particular file can or should be recovered? Data Cure has pre-recovery preview built into it. Displaying a variety of file formats such as documents, pictures, archives, and multimedia files, this tool will help you decide whether a file can be recovered and whether you really want that copy of a document or a newer one.

Download your evaluation copy of Data Cure software for absolutely free: Download and install Data Cure