Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How To Arrange 9 Gb MP3 Collection For 21 Min And 46 Sec

A brilliant idea came to my mind - to arrange my mp3 music collection. The collection means 9 Gb of MP3 tracks chaotically scattered over my Music folder and its subfolders. So, I decided to clear up this mess. I googled a bit and came over the program I need – Audio Tags Editor.

The program enables you to edit tags of audio tracks, copy, delete and rename files and folders and (what is most important) to retrieve track information from FreeDB database. Believe your or not but using this feature I discovered several artists on my hard drive I have never thought they exist :)

You are also able to rename bulk of audio files and folders. Setup Quick Rename Mask and hit Rename button. Simple and fast! In addition you can create playlists for the files you rename using specified playlist template.

I think Audio Tags Editor is indeed needful tool for every MP3 geek. I used it with pleasure and as a result, the whole collection was arranged in about 20 minutes. Go ahead and try:

Audio Tags Editor Homepage