Sunday, January 2, 2011

Have a notebook with TouchPad?

Almost all modern notebooks and laptops have a built-in touchpad sensor panel to control a cursor. However many people still prefer to use a mouse with their notebooks. A lot of small computer mouses, wired and wireless, designed for using with laptops, are available on the market currently. But using a mouse is not always comfortable, especially when you are working in an armchair or in the bed. Touchpad is a much better choice in such situations.

Touchpad is a great and powerful device. Using touchpad, you can move the cursor with a single finger, scroll text or page with two fingers, zoom pictures up and out with fingers of two hands. So touchpad is better than mouse, you just need to practice a little to change your mind.

But there is one thing that annoys people even if they are the touchpad professionals. This is the problem of accidental touches by palm or hand while typing a text. When the user touches the sensor, cursor jumps to another part of a document, and words appear in a wrong place. If touchpad buttons are very sensitive an accidental click can execute some command or bring up a popup menu.

Some people hate touch panels because of this problem and simply disable the touchpad. Other ones turn the touchpad off before typing, and turn it back on when finished.

There is a small software utility that solves the problem of accidental taps and clicks - Touchpad Blocker. This program disables mouse evens for a small period of time (less than a second) after each keyboard's button press. Simply, but works!

Touchpad Blocker is a must have tool for each notebook with touchpad.