Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wallpaper Changer – best tool to vary your desktop

Hi every one!

I’m sorry about rare updates of this blog but a have a lack of time due to my primary work. Today I’d like to make a short post about cool desktop utility I’ve recently discovered. This tool is called Wallpaper Changer and it’s the best one I’ve seen on the market. Wallpaper Changer enables user not only to change wallpapers periodically on his desktop but also has a numerous unique features inside. The most useful of them are: adjustable calendar right on your desktop, cool filters effects you can apply to any wallpaper you use and an ability to download wallpapers directly from the Web.

Take a look on it and I’m sure you like it. Oh, BTW this program comes with a set of free wallpapers for your personal use.

Good luck!