Sunday, February 4, 2007

Remote Desktop Control - save your time by working remotely

Have you ever being asked by your relatives or friends to help with their PC? “Honey, would you please help me to setup this mail client so I can have my own email account?” or “How did you make this stuff working? Can you repeat it on my computer?” I’m plagued with this frequently, and what about you? Now imagine you can help your granny to install her favorite instant messenger sitting right in the front of your own computer and keeping your butt in your favorite chair. Even if you granny lives in California and you’re in Florida. The tool that can do this called Remote Desktop Control.

Why Must Have?

The program allows you not just to see the screen of remote computer on you desktop, but even to work with it as with your own one. Moreover, you can work with a several computers simultaneously, what can be very useful for system administrators (yes, those gurus who know everything about computers). And paranoiac bosses will find Remote Desktop Control useful when they want to spy upon their employees.

What’s inside?
  • Two modules: Admin module and Host module, which may be connected via LAN or Internet
  • Multiple connections support
  • Strong connection security
  • Remote power management (remote shutdown, reboot, logoff, etc.) together with different modes: "view only" and "full control".

Remote Desktop Control homepage


KARPOLAN said...

Thank you for great software review!

stanemte said...

Why don't you use a web-based remote control tool? I've tried one -- Techinline Remote Desktop -- and was satisfied with it. You'll only need an internet connection and a browser. No need to install anything on your PC. And right away you'll have a ready-to-use remote desktop access environment. You can easily use it to get access to Remote Support. And no fuss about...

Does anybody have long time experience with this Remote Support tool? We're going to use it for technical support and I'm concerned how is it reliable?

jason howard said...

Interesting tool thanks for sharing. Having a remote desktop can help you a lot where you can do tasks without going anywhere. With the use of a computer at work you can connect and gain access to your own computer at home.
At work I also manage my employees remotely. Remote employees are workers all over the world working from home using their own computer. With the use of these tools I can effectively know how employees use their computer at work. This way I can assure that employees are working properly. It also improves productivity, collaboration, project management and team communication.