Friday, August 21, 2009

How can time tracking software help you to keep higher productivity

Either you need some time tracking software for yourself or for employee monitoring - WorkTime can suit all your needs in time tracking.

If you are looking for a productivity monitoring software, with WorkTime you can easily solve many important tasks, like, for example:
  • Monitoring computer - you can setup a constant invisible automatic computer monitoring that will help you in tracking employee productivity level.
  • Monitoring Internet usage - as for today this is one of the biggest issues, especially in large companies, where a lot of time is simply wasted on Internet related activities. With this program you can monitor Internet usage automatically. Software reports how much time is actually spent working or browsing the Internet. Also, for example, you can find out, what are the most popular Internet resources employees use or who uses Internet the most.
  • Employee time tracking - you can automate employee time tracking process. Software automatically records any computer activities by the employees: applications run, documents used, websites visited, and so on.
  • Employee time clock software - you will always know when your employees start and finish working.

The time tracking software market proposes you lots of ready to use applications, but only WorkTime covers any of your time tracking needs at once. Many of customers and independent mass media consider WorkTime as a most powerful and intuitive monitoring software on the market.


Unknown said... Time Tracking Software makes it easy to keep track of our employees time. We are better able to control overtime which saves us money. They offer free application to companies less than 50 employees.

Employee Time Tracking Software said...

The important aspect is to accomplish the projects successfully. Proper project management is a key to all the success. It is quite difficult to manage and control the project together without an organizational tool. To solve this problem web based project management software has been created by numerous companies.

powerpuff said...

For managing a team and to recording hours worked Time Doctor is a really good application as it will give you one email daily with all your team and what they have accomplished, and it lists their priorities for the coming day.

silverwink said...

To keep track of your hours worked and at the same time manage a remote team for recording hours worked is a easy to use software as it will give you an update on your teams daily accomplishments and what each of your team members will be targeting next to accomplish.

renee alberts said...

We have tried many software applications for employee time tracking software and are very pleased with the products carried by Very "user-friendly" and great Customer Service.

Vladik said...

Really, online time clock has given a very nice solutions for the company to maintain the attendance of the employee for online timesheet. Using Nextpunch is very much efficient and user friendly.

Unknown said...

Employee time tracking software's help in keeping track of employee time, which would come in handy in evaluating employee attendance. We use Replicon employee time clock software for time tracking.

terredean111 said...

I read your blog and i agree with you. time tracking software helps in tracking of employee time.It helps to manage a team.

Labor Time Management

Unknown said...

Time tracking literally makes a significant difference in the work approach in the process to be streamlined and strategic. For a respective end result I prefer using the cloud based hours tracking software from Replicon which is hassle free and is all featured with the user friendly and calendar based interface that makes it an intuitive tool to work with.

Unknown said...

On the employers end, Time tracking software helps if

The company is not in compliance with labor laws
There is too much buddy punching happening
Payroll reports are not upto date
Employee paid time off is a mystery

On the employees end,

Time tracking is the most needed aspect to have the work culture up and going without any hurdles and not burdening the company.

Unknown said...

I think that new time tracker should have automatic time tracking like TimeCamp or Toggl. Without this.. time tracker is not very precise and employees lose too much time for filling timesheets and clicking timer. That's my opinion..

Joshua E. Bourne said...
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Joshua E. Bourne said...

Indeed, little organizations face snags, titans that attempt to keep you from succeeding to your fullest potential. However, there are online project management web app out there that will offer you some assistance with being David in this David and Goliath circumstance.